The OnlineGym4me classes are led by highly qualified sports trainers and instructors that are trained in online coaching.
They will give you guidance and that extra push you need to reach your exercise goals.


AJ is our functional trainer. His ultimate goal is to ensure his trainees achieve their goals as quickly as possible while learning how to maintain these healthy habits in the long term. His functional training classes are designed to build a solid strength foundation, improve your mobility, as well to ensure you progress towards your goals week after week. Join his classes to improve your overall mobility, stability, and motor control.

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Andy is our functional trainer. He's been enthusiastic about sports since he was a little boy. Back then he spent most of his days playing basketball, but for the last few years, he's been putting a lot of his energy and efforts in fitness. Andy is a certified personal trainer and is skilled in online coaching. Join his incredible classes and get lean now!

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Anja's our vinyasa flow and power yoga instructor. She's been practicing yoga for about 8 years and she loves to share her passion via online classes the Onlinegym4me students. She believes that yoga is a great practice for the body and mind & an awesome addition to other sports since its focus is on flexibility, balance, and strength at the same time.

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Anya is an internationally recognised Yoga Alliance teacher, meditation instructor and hypnotherapist. Due to a very severe traffic accident, she was temporarily disabled to use her upper torso and arms, but yoga helped her to completely recover. She now shares her experience with you via online classes. Join her classes and learn how yoga can help you gain flexibility, control of your breathing and core strength.

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Assia is our aerobics and pilates instructor. Her classes are designed to burn fat, improve endurance, overall health, and wellbeing. Join her classes and get moving now!

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Izzy is a professional personal trainer and has helped hundreds of clients lose weight. He is specialized in metabolic training which will maximize fat loss during and even hours after your workout. At each session, he will prepare a challenge for you on two different levels, so you can choose the difficulty level depending on your current physical condition.

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Karim is our power yoga instructor. His classes are designed to increase flexibility, sculpting your muscles and reducing stress at the same time. Karim will also teach how power yoga can help you reduce the risk of injury during other physical activities.

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Matic is a certified fitness instructor and our functional trainer who loves to share his knowledge via online classes. Join his classes to improve strength & mobility and bring vitality to your body and life.

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Monique is an internationally certified hatha yoga instructor. She was a professional dancer and you can see the dance influence in her movement when she teaches gentle vinyasa yoga classes or yin yoga stretches. She combines this feminine energy with dynamic and super strong Hatha classes. So at her classes, you will get both - strength and tenderness. Classes are suitable for all the levels as she explains modifications. See you on yoga mat :)

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Natasha is our functional trainer, specialized in weight loss and fat burn. She has been helping trainees achieve their goals for over 20 years. She'll guide you through her effective classes and motivate you to transform your body and lose weight. Join her incredible Fat-burning program now and get the results you've always wanted!

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Nick's our functional trainer. He's been playing sports all his life. He used to play basketball but later find his passion for fitness and functional training. He now loves to share his knowledge via online video lessons and help the OnlineGym4me users achieve their goals. His focus is on learning his trainees a proper technique to get great results quickly. Join his classes if you'd like to get stronger, leaner, and fitter.

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Nives is our Pilates and aerobics instructor. Her classes are suitable for all levels since she explains modifications for both advanced as well as beginner practitioners. Join her classes to improve posture, flexibility, and stability or tone up your entire body.

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For only €4,90 you get full access to live and recorded OnlineGym4me classes with our amazing instructors. All that for the price of just two cups of coffee! How amazing is that?