New Mommy, Fit Body Online Workout Program


After pregnancy, you're probably eager to get your post-baby body back in shape. Join this amazingly effective 3-week online workout program to help you get fit and feel stronger after pregnancy. With this program, you'll learn how you can achieve the best shape of your life and feel strong at the same time. The program is led by a skilled OnlineGym4me instructor Monique and consists of 6 classes, each lasting just 15 minutes. You can do the program whenever you find a little time, and you can do each class as many times you want or even pause it if your new mommy duties can't wait.:)

Tečaj je sestavljen iz več zaporednih vadb. Cilj je, da opraviš vse vadbe. Ko narediš prvo vadbo, se odklene naslednja itn. dokler ne opraviš celotnega tečaja.

VADBA 1: Exercises For Rebuilding Your Core After Pregnancy

For many women, re-strengthening their core after pregnancy is an uphill battle that may last for months or even years. To avoid or ease this issue, proper exercise is of extreme importance. Join this 15-minute class & rebuild your entire core after delivery.

VADBA 2: The Best Abdominal Exercises After Pregnancy

The abdominal muscles are weakened and stretched after birth and almost every mom dreams of getting her abs back in shape after giving birth. Join this 15-min class now and learn some of the best types of exercises to tone and tighten your post-baby belly.

VADBA 3: Postnatal exercises for a strong back

Get your back into shape and strengthen your back muscles with this amazing postnatal 15-minute class that Monique has prepared for you.

VADBA 4: Postnatal exercises to firm your butt

Get your butt back in shape after delivery with this 15-minute class that consists of targeted exercises for a toned butt.

VADBA 5: Yoga after pregnancy

Doing yoga after your pregnancy is a great way to reconnect with your body. It'll help you calm your mind and strengthen your body. Join this class and learn effective yoga poses to remedy common post-pregnancy issues, including weakened pelvic floor and abs.

VADBA 6: Burn Fat and Tone Up After Pregnancy

Get rid of those pesky after-pregnancy pounds and tone up your body from head to toe with this 15-min class by Monique.


Za samo €4,90 na mesec pridobiš neomejen dostop do vseh spletnih vadb z vrhunskimi trenerji. Vse to le za ceno dveh skodelic kave!