Simple Ways to Get Six-Pack Abs at Home

04. May 2017 00:00

One of the most common exercise questions is how do you get that ripped six-pack you have always dreamed about? Keep reading to learn how simple and affordable it is nowadays to get in the workout that will flatten your abs. Instead of visiting expensive local gyms, you can easily turn your home into the perfect gym for reaching your fitness goals. You probably spend a lot of your life online so take advantage of the online workouts available.

If you have any gym props, you can, of course, use them to get your abs in shape. Especially weights and ropes are perfect if you want to target the abs (or the other problem areas as well). You can start by holding the rope, then kneel below the rope attachment and lower the rope until your hands are next to your face. Keep your hips stationary, flex your waist as you contract the abs so that the elbows go toward the middle of the thighs. Be sure to exhale as you perform this position and hold the contractions for a second. Do this 5 times and 20 reps. To ramp it up a notch, use a single rope and twist around.

Next target the lower stomach. It is the hardest area to achieve the high definition that you want. The important thing here is not to carry excess fat, so yes, the healthy diet is extremely important here. Keeping that in mind you can work on the lower stomach by hanging from a chin-up bar with both arms extended. Use a medium grip and let your legs hang down. Choose a weight that you can handle and place a dumbbell between your feet. Raise your legs until your torso is at a 90 degree. Hold the contraction. Do 5 sets and 10-15 reps. 

Use the same starting position as the weighted hanging knee raises. Bring your legs up to your right underarm and hold the contraction. Go back to the start position and then bring your legs so that they then hit your left underarm. Repeat the same number of reps for each side and contract.

Don't worry if you don't have any fancy equipment at home, you can achieve great results with online workouts on OnlineGym4me - you just need a laptop, tablet or smartphone and you're all set. In just 15 or 30 minutes, you can have amazing results and get those perfect abs you've always been dreaming about. Whether you love pilates or prefer a more intense cardio workout, there are so many options every day, so everyone can find a class that suits their individual needs and fitness level.

How about you? What's your go-to abs workout? Share your tips in the Comments section bellow!


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