Awesome tips to help you stay motivated when your exercise at home – PART 2

06. Apr 2017 10:00

In our previous post, we've presented some simple tricks that will help you stay motivated to exercise at home. To help you resist the temptation of quitting, here are some more awesome tips that'll keep you driven to work out, even if you don't really feel like it.

Put on your workout clothes

According to many studies, simply wearing your workout gear can help you motivate to exercise. So when you come home from a tough day at work, change into your workout clothes as soon as possible and turn your workout mode on!

Get addicted to the post-exercise endorphin rush

Endorphins are the reason why exercise makes us feel so good. Simply knowing that you'll have that incredible endorphin-filled feeling might keep you stay focused and committed to exercise. 

Set your space

Even though you practically don't need any special equipment to work out online (ok, a yoga mat won't hurt, right?), it's good to make a space just for yourself that feels like your own little personal studio. But the best thing is, when (or if) you get tired of it, you can simply take your tablet, smartphone or laptop anywhere else in or outside your home and change your space at any time.

And once again – the best way to stay motivated is to do the workouts that you truly enjoy. With more than 200 new online classes on OnlineGym4me, you'll definitely find something that you'll love

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