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Ahhh, vacation – the time to forget about nagging bosses, alarm clocks, and home chores. But vacations can also have their traps, especially if you want to avoid weight gain while having the time of the year. When heading off on vacation, it's important to follow these four effective tips so that in just ten days or so you won't ruin everything that you’ve been working quite hard about half a year. You don't wanna bring extra pounds as your souvenir!

Very often, people manage to develop a healthy eating and exercising habits during the year. But once they go on vacation, they tend to drop these effective habits and we all can imagine what they feel when they return from long expected holiday – despair, dissatisfaction and lacking the motivation to start their weight loss journey all over again.

So if you don't want to return from your holiday inflated like a frog, you should follow these simple, but yet very effective rules.


The fact is that most people spend their entire vacation on two, mostly three different places. You might find this surprising, but it's not prohibited to move around during the holiday and we assure you won't get any penalty for thatJ.

Why do we mention this?

Because people spend their vacation in two to three different places - during hot hours, they go somewhere cold, like a hotel room or apartment, they visit the old town in the evening, and spend the rest of the day as seals, one next to another, crawled on the beach.

And that's it. That's all you take away from the great days of holiday. Seriously?

Anyone who thinks that this is the right way to relax, unwind, and recharge your batteries, which is the essence of the holiday, is really wrong. Just think about it. When is it that you really feel full of energy?

Probably not after spending the whole day lying on the couch and not moving even an inch. Well, and what exactly should you do on holiday? Simply schedule no obligation, try new things, surround yourself with relaxed people and great energy, and be active! Don’t worry, that doesn't mean that you have to spend your holiday at the military camp. Not at all! It just means that being active will make you feel awesome. Take advantage of a wonderful morning jogging by the sea, cycle or walk to wander around the city, look at the sunset from a nearby hill, on the beach, and most importantly - do your training!!! Don't forget, you can bring your favorite OnlineGym4me workouts wherever you go, so why not doing some beach yoga with Monique or joining our quick, but very effective Fat-burning program by Natasha?


Some people put themselves in a desperate situation even before leaving on vacation We're talking about those individuals who only think about what they'll eat on vacation. They believe that this is the period when it is necessary to fill up all the stock. Instead, in order to enjoy the food, they literally devour and completely miss the point.

No need to worry. As you know, shops are open throughout the whole summer so you don't have to buy everything in a week. Instead, while on vacation, you should definitely relax, enjoy and not burden yourself with food. Of course, this does not mean that you should eat everything that's on your plate or even the leftovers at the next table. Experiment a little bit, taste new foods, take your time and follow the rule of moderation. That's all you need to watch. And yes you're free to eat ice cream, warm baguettes, cakes and even burgers. Just keep your portions moderate and you are safe.


During the holidays, we spend many evenings accompanied with our friends, listening to good music, drinking and just having fun. Many people are not aware of the 'liquid' calories and they usually underestimate these calories and find them irrelevant.

It's no secret that alcoholic beverages are high in calories and can actually affect your physique. One gram of alcohol contains seven calories and is metabolized quite differently than other macronutrients. To reduce calorie intake with drinks, here are some great suggestions:

  • Drink a glass of dry white wine
  • Mix your drink with water or soda, instead of mixing it with carbonated coke or fruit juice full of sugars
  • Light beer is also a great option (there are many different low-cal beers that you can choose)


Finally, a piece of advice that you'll be insanely happy to read about and is easy to follow:  experts always emphasize the importance of choosing the right ingredients and the same goes when we're on vacation.

You can eat pizza, waffles, candy, toasts, cakes and similar foods throughout the year, so why not choosing local food while traveling or on vacation. These are the dishes that are prepared traditionally and are typical of a certain environment, town or country. These dishes contain homemade, unprocessed ingredients, which are all together so much healthier and insanely delicious. Sea food, for example, is known for its quality. Fish, squid, clams, crabs, and chard, olives, etc. are foods that provide your body with all nutrients to keep you lean while on vacation.

As you can see it is completely doable to keep fit despite the crazy holidays. All you have to bear in mind are today's four tips and you are safe. You will return home with a clear conscience, rested, in good shape, and motivated to continue with your next challenges and projects.

If you've already been on vacation, feel free to share your experience with us. What classes did you take? What food did you eat? Comment below – we'd love to read your tips and suggestions! And don't forget to share this tips with your family and friends – You don't won't them to feel bad once the vacation is over, right?


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